“Kinnaree” – rich extraction of 8 essential Thai herbs; useonly the best selection of local herbs such as Eaglewood Oil, Zingiberaceae, andAntler.

“Kinnaree” helps relieve muscle or tendon sprain, soreness, swell, or itchiness; the refreshing smell of essential herbs gives you a sense of relaxation; relieves dizziness; can spray or apply on the affected area; fast absorption and leave no stains on your clothes

“Kinnaree” - a magnificent value of Thai herbs, 100% natural, a luxury without additives, you can try it yourself now!

“Kinnaree” –含有种丰富的;只使用最好的地草,如木油姜科和鹿茸。


“Kinnaree” –含有高的泰,100%天然,奢侈添加,你可以尝试一下!